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Critical Essay

A critical essay is not an essay which argues about a particular literary work, but rather a depiction of the author’s attitude. It is more of an analysis which deals with the point to point approach of an article or a book. The analysis done in a critical essay of an article or book should contain the following points from the Do My Homework Company:

A summarized version of the author’s point of view. This should include:

  • A synopsis of the important facts and figures, which are used to support the idea of the critical essay.
  • The author’s explicit or implied values
  • The author’s concluding points and suggestive actions
  • Assessment of the facts, and whether any important points were lacking;
  • An evaluation of the author’s argument
  • Appraisal of the author’s values

A critical essay needs to be informative. It is not about a personal opinion or belief, but rather an appraisal study of a work of literature which is backed by facts. Essentially, it is all about fact finding and then critically assessing the work based on such ascertained facts. Whatever you write about the work must be provable and not based on any assumptions. However, at times a critical essay can be based on the criticism provided by other essayists or critics.

Your essay may be based on new findings of the literary work. This can be done by exploring the works of the author and discussing the same in your critical essay. Try be specific about the points of discussion of the work and substantiate your critique using the evidence and facts unearthed from the literary work. But a mere quotation will not do. What is required is going deep into the work and finding the various nuances of it and using the facts to write the essay. These facts can also be taken from the background of the author, the period in which work was written or the reviews/criticism of the text.

Another important aspect from the "college homework help" website that needs to be considered when writing a critical essay is that you need to focus on one aspect of the literary work. There is no point in looking at all aspects of the work. Moreover, it must be well organized and each paragraph or section must support the core idea of the essay. When quoting, ensure appropriate format, like MLA with proper citation at the end of the essay.

In a critical essay there is no predetermined conclusion. The deduction may vary from person to person as each individual has different outlook. How the person perceives the work and what facts he or she unearths from the book or article, will determine the ultimate result of the critical essay.

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