Mentorship Committee 2023 - 2024

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Starts: 01-24-2023

Committee Description:

The SBI Mentorship Steering Committee is charged with the development of a Mentorship Program for SBI members. The committee will outline the program details: structure, timeline, goals and purpose, and program evaluation. The committee will also identify the criteria for selecting appropriate mentors and create an application process for selecting mentees. The committee will work through their first term to develop the foundation of this program with a soft launch tentatively scheduled for 2022. SBI is seeking several senior members with experience in mentorship programs, members who have been mentees and can offer insight and perspective from their experience (members-in-training, fellows and transitional members), and members who are passionate about creating an exciting legacy program that will provide an incredibly beneficial experience for SBI members for years to come.

Please provide a letter of interest outlining the following items:

1. Please describe your professional strengths or areas of expertise and how they will contribute to the enhancement of this committee.

2. What interests you about the position for which you are volunteering?

3. For previous committee experience, please give an example of a past accomplishment that added value to the volunteer position you held. If you have no previous committee experience, please share a relevant example from a professional or personal accomplishment.

4. Tell us more about yourself: your current position and responsibilities, professional interests, hobbies, etc.

5. Please share any other information which you believe may help determine your qualifications for the position for which you are applying.

**The position of Mentorship Committee Chair is also open. In addition to the qualifications listed above, please include in your letter of interest any leadership experience specific to the aforementioned activities.**

Estimated Volunteers Needed:

10 (10 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Experience Necessary

SBI Staff Contact:

Ken Root

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