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It is rightly said that all headaches are not ordinary headaches as they can be the alarming signal of some hidden diseases in the body. Check the list of some diseases where a headache is a symptom.

Flu and cold attack

A terrible headache is one of the sure-shot side effects of this viral infection. If you suffer from a headache along with stuffy or running nose and irritating sneezing, may be you are the victim of flu. Visit a doctor immediately.


A recurring headache is one of the symptoms of dehydration in the body. If you are suffering from a cluster headache for a longer time, check with your doctor for the hydration level of your body. Do not delay because dehydration can be fatal too!

Acidity and heartburn

These are digestion related disorders but both these digestive disorders may induce extremely irritating headache for the victims unless the unwanted acid flux in the digestive system gets neutralised.

Premenstrual syndrome

This is a ladies’ disease and may keep a woman down for several days. This problem happens may be 7-10 days before commencing the menstrual cycle and gets vanished once the bleeding days are started. Doctor checkup is the best way to tackle a headache.

Stress and anxiety

These two types of turmoil create a psychological blockage in its victims, and that result in tremendously throbbing headache for long hours. The practice of yoga, aerobics, and meditation can control this type of a headache. However, adequate rest, drinking of water, healthy diet, and sufficient sleep at night may control the issue.


This is a deadly allergy. Besides swelling of the mouth and other limbs and legs, anthrax infection induces respiratory discomfort and the terrible headache. It you ever feel the problem of allergy with a headache, don’t delay in considering “is it just a headache”? Only a doctor can help you to be saved.

Sinus infection

Recurring sinus problem is called sinusitis. A throbbing headache is one of the most irritating symptoms of sinusitis. Recurring sinusitis can be cured if proper medical care is taken.

Chronic fatigue system

The reason behind inducing chronic fatigue symptom is not overtly known. But along with unconditional fatigue, recurring headache becomes the part and parcel for patients. Long term treatment and lifestyle modification remedies can help a lot.

These are some of the diseases where a headache is an obvious symptom. Therefore if you are suffering from a recurring headache, don’t rely on painkiller as the quick fix but go for a detail medical checkup to be sure about the reason behind a headache.

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